Wheat Varieties

Our wheat seeds are grown with high quality assurance checks. We offer high-performing milling, feed and durum wheat varieties.

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Seednet is also a commercial partner and royalty manager for the following previously released wheat varieties

Variety EPR Rate per tonne (GST exclusive)
Bolac wheat


Brennan winter wheat No EPR
Caparoi durum wheat $2.60
Catalina wheat $2.50
Chara wheat $1.00
DBA Bindaroi durum $3.50
DBA Lillaroi durum $3.30
Drysdale wheat $1.00
DS Darwin wheat $4.25
DS Faraday $4.25
DA Pascal wheat $4.25
DS Tull wheat $4.25
EGA Bellaroi durum wheat $2.50
EGA Wedgetail wheat $1.45
Forrest wheat $3.50
Gauntlet wheat $3.00
Jandaroi durum wheat $2.50
Lang wheat $1.00
Yitpi wheat $1.00
Young wheat $1.70