All Seed Varieties

Choose from a range of quality seeds and grains, including new and innovative varieties.


With malting and feed-grade varieties for all barley growing regions, Seednet markets high quality barley.

Faba Beans

Our faba beans are export-quality range of varieties, suitable for all Australian growing regions.


Seednet markets Desi and Kabuli varieties for all chickpea growing regions and are produced with high quality assurance.


Seednet delivers high quality lentil seed with agronomic benefit and end user demand.


Seednet markets both narrow leaf (sweet) and Albus Lupin varieties for all growing regions.


With both milling and dual-purpose oat varieties available, Seednet ensures any oats varieties we market are of high quality.

Field Peas

We’re committed to providing high-quality varieties for growers. Seednet markets Kaspa, Dun and white pea varieties for all growing regions.


Seednet markets soybean varieties for both human consumption or hay/silage production.


Our wheat is grown with high quality assurance checks. We market high-performing milling, durum and feed wheat varieties.

Dyna-Gro Canola

Seednet assists with developing and promoting Dyna-Gro canola varieties. 

Dyna-Gro Pasture

Seednet assists with developing and promoting Dyna-Gro pasture varieties.

2024 Seednet Product Guide

For information on Seednet's current range of varieties.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining our seed quality is at the forefront of what we do. All our standards are based on Australian Seed Federation standards.